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We have three apps for hacking into other android apps right now. They are GameCIH , Game Guardian, and Game Killer. These apps are used as Android hacking tools. What they do is that they change a stored value, say  the number of coins scored in a game.

These apps also let you to change the speed of the game. So you can fast forward intros or use some extra time in fast paced games 😉

NOTE : These apps require that your phone is rooted. If you don’t know what rooting is, we recommend you refer to this article before proceeding further.

So a quick review of the three hacking apps with their pros and cons and of course, download links! 😛


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The original android hacking tool, oldest of the three. Simple to use and does the job precisely.

What’s good

  • In some games, such as Defender II, searches can be made quickly by searching for text fields like “Gold”. This makes it easier and faster to hack the game

What’s bad

  • Doesn’t work with all games
  • Limited Functions


  • Click Here


Game Guardian

This app came much after GameCIH. It features a better UI and more functions than GameCIH. Consider is as an improvement of GameCIH.

What’s Good

  • More Feature
  • Better UI
  • Works with almost all games that can be hacked

What’s Bad

Its more complicated to use.


Nothing special required here, same as GameCIH 😛

game killer video



Game Killer

The latest hacking tool out of the three, lacks in terms of  UI, but has the ability to perform a specific search for a changed value rather than a fussy search. This makes this app  drastically faster to use and reduces the Hit-and-Trial element of Game hacking by quite an extent.

What’s Good

  • Can perform multiple searches simultaneously
  • Can change multiple values at once

What’s Bad

Nothing yet, we love it!!


Go through this article and watch the video at the end.


The best Android Hacking Tool – GameCIH vs Game Guardian vs Game Killer |  Download Links

  • GameCIH
  • Game Guardian
  • Game Killer

The best Android Hacking Tool – GameCIH vs Game Guardian vs Game Killer | The Verdict